Repairs and care

 All jewellery items purchased from Kathryn Williamson are covered for free repairs for 6 months with specific exceptions marked by a star / asterix.
You will be asked to return the item via the Royal Mail's Special Delivery Service to ensure that any damage or loss during postage is covered. The item will then be sent back to you also via Special Delivery.

* Please Note: Jewellery damage due to personal accidents are not covered by free repair; neither is replacement of lost items of jewellery or lost components of the jewellery. In these circumstances any free repairs or replacements within the initial 6 month period from purchase will be at Kathryn Williamson's discretion.

Any items in need of repair after 6 months from the purchase date will also incur a return postage charge via special delivery. Please ensure you carefully protect your jewellery when posting it.
It is worth noting that in most cases simple repairs to your jewellery items is straight forward and not expensive. An accurate description of the damage or photograph via e-mail will allow Kathryn to give you an estimate of the costs before you return your item.

Kathryn only repairs jewellery made by herself.



Caring for your jewellery

Over time, silver jewellery will tarnish due to oxidisation and reaction to such things as perfumes and skin oils. Putting your jewellery on after applying your make-up and perfume is a useful tip, as is storing your silver jewellery items in jewellers tissue in a closed box or sealed bag and away from sources of heat, light and humidity. Wiping your jewellery after wearing with a soft 100% cotton cloth will ensure it stays brighter for longer.

Keep gemstone-studded jewellery, pearls, as well as gold and silver pieces separated from each other to avoid scratches and try not to over crowd your jewellery box with too many items as this may bend a fragile piece or chip a delicate stone.

Do not wear fine jewellery when doing housework, gardening, sport or vigorous activities. Do not clean your jewellery with chlorine, ammonia / bleach solutions, toothpaste, petroleum based products, or any abrasive metal cleaners.

Silver dip can be effective on pure silver items but not for use with jewellery that contains beads or precious stones.

For items with beads or stones, a quick dip in warm sudsy water and polishing with a 100% soft cotton cloth is an effective solution. Ensure that you never allow an extended soak for items that contain soft stones such as amber, turqouise or lapis lazuli. 10 minutes is usually a good rule of thumb when soaking jewellery. You may also use a soft toothbrush with care.

When washing any jewellery make sure you put the plug in the plug hole!
Make sure after washing any jewellery that you allow it to thoroughly dry out before storing.

If you have neglected your jewellery items and feel they are in need of a thorough clean, you might consider taking them to a local jewellers if you do not trust yourself :-).


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